Why Natural Pest Control Is Your Best Bet In Effective Pest Control

If you have tried all types of pest control methods without much effectiveness, natural pest control is your best bet if you want a clean, healthy and clinical job done. The focus of natural pest control is providing effective and safe control of pests while at the same time making sure people have been protected, including the pet and surroundings from the use of harmful pesticides that might remove the pests somewhat but leave behind serious environmental and health hazards.

What Does Natural Pest Control Rely On?

Natural pest control and management relies heavily on many approaches, chief of which is products derived from organic sources. Since some are natural insecticides, the source material used in making them is natural, such as boric acid, rosemary oil and citrus oil. In cases of pest situations, introduction of natural predators of some of the most common yard pests infesting your household is done. A good example for those with plants being destroyed by insects is introduction of lady bugs. If you have fleas infesting your yard, beneficial nematodes are introduced to eat these creatures. Addition of beneficial predators in your yard controls invasion of pests without any harm to your pets, your family or the environment.

Natural Fluid Insecticides

Insecticides made up of natural fluids are heavily in plenty. Orange oil is a good example, usually an orange juice byproduct during manufacture of the juice. This comes from the orange rind being pressed to give oil. In turn, the oil burns right across the skeleton of the insect, the outer part of its body, instantly killing the crawly on contact. The insecticides come from oranges, safer for all people to use while killing all insects they come into contact with.


Another approach in natural pest control is using baits, where ants and other crawling insects take the bait right into the heart of their colonies, killing it from within. It is an effective approach that utilizes the ant’s foraging ability against it. As a result of the bait being specific to the distinct pests to be managed and controlled only the ant is harmed.

Holistic Approach Of Natural Pest Control

It is worth remembering that natural pest control does not just focus on the distinct pest that has infested a specific space. It also works on a number of mechanisms to remove and deal with what might have triggered the pest growth and increase to begin with. A good example is that insects need shelter, water and food to survive. If these three important elements are provided, whether the insects are killed and destroyed or not, they will always return. This means items stored in your own backyard, such as firewood, leaf debris around gutters and yards, trash, nesting areas and food source must be removed; lowers significantly the odds of the insects and rodents from ever returning.

It is very important to seek the help of qualified natural pest control technicians for help so that they can adopt an integrated pest management mechanism to kill, remove and reduce chances of the pests ever returning to your home again.

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