Why Carpets are Preferred

During the last decade the sales of hardwood, laminate and parquet flooring has been increased, but nowadays the demand of carpets is rising up. Why is it that? Well the reasons are well known for everyone: the great selection of colours and styles, low prices and hassle- free cleaning and replacement. These characteristics of carpets as a part of the whole furniture, are completing the image of this tendency.

Carpets add to the whole ambience the comfort, which every house and even office need of. Nothing can make a more inviting atmosphere than the plush of a warm carpeting, which plays a role as an extra insulating layer, saving you bills for heating. Comparing it with the parquet and the other types of flooring, different from carpets, it is really better mostly during the winter months.

Another advantage in furnishing your home with carpets is the fact that even the decrease in laminate and hardwood flooring prices, carpet is still the cheapest option for home and office space. Cleaning is a service, which also cost a lot of money if we talk about cleaning wood or tile floors. Also the cleaning should happen far more often than professional carpet cleaning.

In case of end of tenancy cleaning London, cleaning companies recommend that laminate and hardwood flooring need of replacement three times as often as carpets. Such kind of flooring need also constant treatment at considerable expense.

Cleaning itself, as a service is said to be very easy for the laminate and hardwood flooring, but actually it is not like that. Scrubbing the laminate with a mop once a week is extremely inadequate. Most times when you move the sofa from a place to another or your chairs, some nicks and scratches appear on the floor. And it is really hard to be repaired. In addition to this problem, laminate and hardwood repair companies are hard to be found and the service is really expensive.

It is almost impossible to find a company, which provides an end of tenancy clean service, and to repair the damages on your hardwood flooring. So after all, carpets still beat the competition.

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