Why and How to Clean Your Mattress

Most mattresses are made of porous fabrics, some of them literally made of foam rubber. Imagine some tiny dust particles and even tinier dust mites that can all find shelter in your comfy mattress. Bacteria and body oil complete each other and create germs-friendly environment. It is an entire biosphere under your bed linen, and if you think all this is harmless, you are wrong.

Dust mites are known to be one of the main triggers of breathing implications and causing skin irritation, too. In order to keep their population at bay you should know not only why but also how to clean your mattress.

Bed bugs are attracted to dusty mattresses for a reason. Dust is mostly made of skin flakes, and they are small enough to get through your bedroom sheets and accumulate on the mattress. So as Domestic cleaning London professionals will instruct you, vacuum your mattress at least twice a month. You can always clean it when you change bed linen. Put fresh sheets on a clean mattress, otherwise your efforts will be all in vain.

Domestic cleaning London promotes green cleaning as it is a mild and effective way to deal with home grime without polluting the environment. Mattress cleaning can be performed without water. Dusting may be carried out outdoors. Vacuuming performed twice a month is energy-saving mainly because you wouldn’t need to dry clean your mattress, or buy a new one, the production of which will take up several times more energy.

Baking soda can be used to disinfect and deodorize the mattress. It should stay overnight to fully absorb all odours and dust. Remove it completely using the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner.

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