What You Need To Know Before Cleaning Furniture

The holidays are coming and everybody is preparing not only the presents but also their homes for the exciting days. As we will be spending a lot of time in the comfort of our homes with the nice company of relatives and friends, it is important to clean and freshen up your furniture. This will provide more comfort and enjoyable time during the Christmas holidays.

One of the most important issues of cleaning your home is finding the most appropriate cleaner for the different fabrics and surfaces. Before starting with the furniture cleaning it is important to understand the upholstery cleaning codes. Keep in mind the codes and the cleaning instructions for each one to make sure your furniture looks great for longer time. Find below the three codes that cover most of the fabrics and instructions for their cleaning:

  • W – the W-code is used for fabrics like polyester, nylon, herculean and acetate. These types of materials are mostly used for furniture that is frequently used, like dining room chairs or living room sofas. The W-code materials are cleaned only with water or water-based cleaners. Spots and spills on these fabrics are cleaned only with the foam of the water-based product and overwetting should be avoided.

  • S – the S-code is used for organic fibres like cotton, linen, wool, denim, etc. Most of the carpets are made of s-code materials. Stains, spills or dirt of these fabrics are removed by solvent-based cleaners. Note that the use water-based cleaners on S-code fabrics may cause spotting or shrinking of the material.

  • S/W – the S/W – code fabrics are a combination of the two types mentioned above. These fabrics are cleaned by either a special combination of water and solvents or water-based or solvent cleaner depending on the stain.

  • X – the X-code is used on fabrics that cannot be cleaned. It is not frequently used but if you see it, keep in mind that the material should be only vacuumed. Cleaning these materials with water-based or solvent-based cleaners may cause spotting, shrinking or fading.

The upholstery codes are usually located under the seat cushion or the seat itself. If you cannot find the code, you may check the furniture for any remaining tags or contact the manufacturer directly.

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