What Does Your Home Says About You?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their home and belongings. This is no exception as most people will form their opinion based on what they can see. Whether this is a good thing to do or not, I don’t really care as there is no point of going against the current. It is a simple fact that people will judge you on your clothing but the same goes for your house too and I must tell you, clothes give rather unreliable info compared to the looks of your home. I’m going to talk about 3 key factors in your home that affect people’s perception about you – fix those and you are fine. hygiene will be the most important issue here because people tend to think that if your home or your car is dirty that your personal hygiene would not be a top priority for you too.

Dirty Carpets and Rugs Are Your Enemy – clean them

This is one of the first things people see. If you let guests walk with their shoes on your carpets this is a pretty bad sign. Carpets and rugs are “slippers zone” if you are letting people walk with their shoes, then you don’t value cleanliness too much. Either you don’t care if people bring dirt on your carpet or your carpet is so dirty that it does not matter. Carpets should be regularly maintained, because they are one of the most expensive household items, only very rich people can afford buying one every few years. Vacuuming regularly will significantly reduce the dust and soil absorbed by your carpet every day. Once the dirt has set in the carpet fabrics it is causing the fibers to tear on every step, you won’t notice at first but this takes a lot of years from the lifespan of your carpet.

Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis – twice a week would be great and it is doable.
Big stain on your carpet is like wearing stained shirt – remove any stains immediately, don’t let them to dry up and set in.
Professional carpet cleaning services are usually needed once a year. If the situation is dire, don’t wait to call the cleaners

Lots of Dust

Lots of dust on your furnishing, also means you haven’t cleaned in a while. Most men would not even notice but women are very watchful about these details.
if your guests are coming in an hour , it is not too late to fix it. This would be quite easy if you have microfiber cloths as they are the best at dusting.
Go from top to bottom if you don’t want to repeat it several times. Dry dusting is performed first and then wet dusting if needed.

Bad Odor

There is nothing more unpleasant than bad smell punching you in the face when you open the door. Your guest won’t like it either and you better do something to fix it. But how?

Locate the source – Is it coming from the bathroom, the kitchen or maybe you have a pet?
If your fridge is smelling awful this is easily fixable the same goes for your oven. Just clean it! Sometimes the only thing you need to do is throw your garbage but if the scent is coming from the drain you may need to call a plumber. If your pet had some fun on your carpet or upholstery than again you might need to ask the professional cleaners to fix it.

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