Useful Tips on How to Find the Best Cleaning Services

As tenants of a small apartment me and my friends decided to hire a company, which can clean the place properly. This is very important if we want to get our deposit back. We’ve talked to some friends and they also agreed that end of tenancy cleaning is very important and should be done by professionals. So we started to look around for the firm which offers the best package of services on the best price.

We found a firm which fulfilled our expectations on a very good price.

So here are some advices from us about how to choose cleaning firm for your end of tenancy cleaning:

  • search for them in the internet and look about opinions of old clients for the services that the firm provides.
  • Compare several companies by their prices and also by the list of cleaning services that they offer.
  • Look for the company’s technologies. For best cleaning you will need a firm which is well equipped.

So, you have made your choice and they are now asking you what do you want from them to clean and how. Here is a quick check-list of the tasks you would want the cleaning staff to perform.

  • Cleaning all the appliances inside and out. This is necessary if they used the cooker, washing machine or any other appliance.
  • The staff should wash all the windows and other glass surfaces.
  • Be sure that the counters, the sinks or other surfaces are well cleaned and sanitized.
  • Cleaning the picture frames, the radiators and all the shelves.
  • They have to scrub the bathroom floors, fixture and glasses.
  • Vacuuming all the carpets, floors, webs (if there are any, of course)

You can also want some extra cleaning services if you want to be sure that your end of tenancy cleaning is complete. These can be : steam cleaning of the carpets and the furnitures. These are recommended especially when there was a smoker in the apartment or you just had a pet.

So if you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to perform end of tenancy cleaning by yourself the best option you have is to hire professional firm for the job.

I hope I was helpful. Have a nice day.

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