Two Exclusive Green Carpet Cleaning Tips

As we all know carpets are those elements of every home interior which make the place to look cosier and prettier. However, if you want to prolong the life of our beautiful carpet, you have to take a good care of it. For such reasons, it is really important to do your carpet cleaning regularly.

The biggest part of cleaners London use different methods, techniques and equipment to make your favourite oriental rug to look as new. However, if you want to do the job by yourself and you want to save some money, then here are some green carpet cleaning tips which will help you to bring the life to your carpets back, without using any harmful and full of chemicals cleaning products.

1. If you have to deal with greasy spills then here is one great solution for such problems. So, you have to sprinkle the spot with a cornmeal. Then you have to leave it for a couple of minutes (about 5 minutes). The next step you have to take is to treat the area with a solution of white vinegar mixed with water.

2. If your carpet or rug is stained with a coffee, chocolate or cola, then the help which you need to handle the situation is a solution of water and white vinegar. However, you need the right proportions! For such stains, you have to mix two cups of water with a cup of white vinegar. For chocolate stains, you have to sponge the solution into the rug until the spot disappears. You have to use a clean cloth for the job, not a rub. This way, you will avoid to spread the stain along the rug. If you have a stain of spilled coffee on your carpet then you just have to sponge it with a clear water. However, if it is a tough stain, you have to use the mixture of the water and white vinegar again.

If you are interested in other green cleaning tips, you can call some of the cleaners London and ask them for more green recipes to make your favourite oriental rug fresh and clean again.

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