Tricks to Maintain Your Furniture Clean

The most used room in a house is the living room. This is the main reason, why people so much invest in furnishing the room, so that it looks nice and feels comfortable to spend your time there, or even to invite your guests. But the daily use of the furniture in the living room, causes to the sofas and everything there to look amortized and the whole image of comfort disappears. Although there are some little tricks that can be helpful for maintaining your living room furniture clean and looking new for longer.

One of the main tricks to keep living room furniture and its upholstery clean and looking new, is regular cleaning. If you often vacuum your furniture, at least once a week, and don’t forget to vacuum hardly accessible areas and pillows. If you use a brush attachment to vacuum, ensure that you use the right attachment for the right material, because for instance stiff bristles can harm the threads in the fabric.

Try to avoid the use of any type of harsh chemical products for your furniture in the living room. Cleaning solutions that contain toxins and chemicals for sure will damage your upholstery. Such detergents can really remove the stubborn stains, but along with them, the colours and shape of the fabric will be removed. If you can not clean the hard stains with home-made recipes, or natural cleaning products, then you better look for professional upholstery cleaning services, to be sure that in the end of the cleaning, you will have good results and clean furniture.

Steam cleaning is a method, which is not suitable for upholstery cleaning. It will literally destroy your furniture in no time. Steam cleaning or so called wet cleaning is used in cleaning services, but mostly for carpet cleaning.

Actually most of the stains can be easily removed with warm water. Some stains need to be rubbed with a mixture of warm water and soap and then you can just wipe dry the moisture by the use of clean cloth.

After all, you can always hire cleaning services to do the cleaning instead of you. This will save you time and will guarantee you best results and good looking living room furniture.

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