Tips on Removing Oil from Carpet

I don`t know if you know but motor oil is a very tough substance to remove from fibres. Imagine If you spill some by accident on your brand new carpet. You would be very angry.Luckily there are ways to remove the stains which not so difficult to apply but you have to be quick because you face a permanent damage on your carpet in not treated properly.

So here a few steps on carpet cleaning SW10 you can follow to remove the stain,

1. First use a spoon to gather all the oil that hasn’t sunk in the carpet. If the stain is dry you can vacuum carefully the place but remove the attachment and don`t use full vacuum.
2. Use a paper tower to carefully blot the stain and definitely don’t rub the towel on the stain.
3. Apply some cleaning solutions on a rag and start to blot carefully.
4. Keep blotting until the stain is gone. If the stain remains apply some cleaning solutions directly on the affected area but don’t leave the it more than 5 minutes on it.
5. Carefully blot the area and put a dry rag on it. It is a good idea to put something heavy on it while it dries for a better effect
6. Leave it a couple of hours and remove everything from it.
7. Vacuum the area when it is dry.

Keep in mind that different materials react with different types of carpet cleaning SW10 solutions. Never let anyone walk on the carpet until it is completely dry. But my general advice is if you spill oil on your carpet use a professional carpet cleaning agency or just buy a new carpet.

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