Tips on How to Prolong Your Carpet’s Lifespan

The questions about prolonging lifespan usually refer to humans but the same stands when talking about carpets. Just as some people are at their early 40s and look like they are past their 60s, carpets that are brand new tend to look like they are old as Time. It’s not only genetics, or if we talk about carpets – the quality of the fabric, but also how we take care of the carpets.

Every day we want to look great, so we use lots of things like lotions, shampoos and soaps. Not too much though so not to tire our skin and hair. These same principles can refer to treating carpets as well. To make sure carpets stay in tip-top shape you have to tend to them everyday. I know that this may sound like some lunatic speaking but it happens to be true.

Here are few of the most useful tips:

Vacuum the carpets once or twice a week. If you look under the microscope you will see that dust and dirt have razor-sharp edges that may damage the fibers. This is frequent vacuuming is required on the heavy traffic areas like entry mats, foyers and halls.

Having children is troublesome on the subject of cleaning, so you have to be ready for many spills. Keep carpet cleaning solutions available at all time. You may not prevent the spills but you can react quickly so there will be less damage. You may refer to a company that does carpet cleaning for advise on which cleaning solutions suit your carpet best.

Don’t wear shoes at home. If you have carpets and keep them clean this will not be a problem. You will not only keep the carpets safe but also relax your feet.

Finally from time to time, say once per few months, the carpet cleaning should be done professionally.


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