Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, but they require regular care. No matter if you have decided to use a commercial cleaning product or make one yourself, you should still follow some tips to avoid damaging your hardwood floor while trying to clean it.

Here are some of the Putney cleaners’ tips for cleaning hardwood floors:

  1. Choose the right tools – It is very important to use tools that are safe for your hardwood floor. Some of the vacuum cleaners, mops or brooms could scratch the wood. This is why, you should carefully choose a soft sponge mop and broom.
  2. Never get the hardwood floor too wet. Don’t apply cleaning solutions directly on the floor. Use a mop or a rag, which you have squeezed of any excess liquid. After cleaning the hardwood floor, you could use a soft cloth to dry it and polish it at the same time.
  3. Experiment – Commercial cleaners are strong and effective, but they also contain harsh chemicals which could be harmful for you and for the environment. Cleaning services Putney advice to try making a cleaning solution yourself, using products you could find at home. There are lots of recipes for homemade hardwood floor cleaning solutions. Feel free to experiment with them to choose the one that suits you best. You should be careful, though, because homemade detergents might not be toxic, but they could still damage the hardwood floor, especially if it is a high gloss one. Always try the new detergents on a small spot of the floor. If everything is ok, you could proceed with cleaning the entire floor.
  4. Be creative – When it comes to homemade cleaning solutions, you could also try being creative and invent a new one. Again, carefully check if it is safe to use.

If you follow those simple tips, you will see that cleaning hardwood floors is not such a tough job. If you take proper care of your flooring, you will be able to keep it looking clean and shiny as in the day it was installed.

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