Things You Don’t Know About Carpet Cleaning

You think that carpet cleaning is a piece of cake? You think that you know everything about carpet cleaning? You think that there is nothing to surprise you in this easy and simple process? Are you sure?

One has to learn until he is alive, and carpet cleaning is one of the spheres in which there is always something new to learn. Here are some things which you certainly don’t know about this process:

  • You should not clean pet urine stains with detergents or home-made solutions containing ammonia. Pet urine, especially cat, also contains ammonia and this is what attracts the animal to always use one and the same place as toilet.
  • When you are cleaning a pet urine stain, never use warm or hot water. These discolourations are protein-based and heat only helps them set deeper. Use cold water instead.
  • When you are cleaning some kind of a carpet stain, no matter what it is, never rub or scrub it. If you do, you will spread it wider and set it deeper. No only this, but you may also damage your rug’s fibres. Use a blotting technique instead.
  • When you are applying a detergent or a home-made solution to a carpet stain, always work from the outside in of the spot. Otherwise, you risk to spread the discolouration wider.
  • Always try detergents and home-made solutions on an inconspicuous area of the carpet before you apply them to a stain. Such an area can be some corner of the rug or may be under the sofa.
  • Carpet cleaning helps not only for maintaining the good looks of your flooring, but for keeping the air in your house clean and healthy.

And remember, if you don’t feel confident that you will manage to deal with some carpet cleaning issue, do not start at all. Call some carpet cleaning London company and let their professionals deal with your problems.

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