The Rules of Green Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an art. Green carpet cleaning is a science. Mixing products can be risky, but you can play with natural products as long as you want. Here are the rules of green carpet cleaning. Play by the rules, and achieve more with less.

Green carpet cleaning may sound funny, but this is what an average household needed. In this hard times we are going to, we try to do more, spend less, save time and of course, the most important, protect our health. Carpet cleaning London had a choice – to clean or to clean green. The market took after the current trends, natural cleaning is not only practical, it is in fashion.

Rule # 1: Green cleaning is the perfect way to treat your new carpets and rugs. They will stay in good shape and will keep their vivid colours. Protect your kids and family from the chemicals and toxic left-overs of regular cleaning products. It takes more efforts, more “elbow grease”, but there is nothing better than a clean and safe home.

Rule # 2 : Whenever a stain occurs, clean it as soon as possible, as harsh chemicals are a no-no. Heavy duty green cleaners are also an option. Greasy stains can be removed by pouring salt on, and followed by a little vinegar on. Rinse gently.

Rule # 3: No hot water. This is a taboo, as carpet cleaning London representatives would say. Hot water may be used by professionals in the hot-water extraction method, but this is in accordance with the type of the carpet fibres. All you can allow yourself is cleaning with warm water when rinsing.

Rule # 4: Steam cleaning with vinegar proves to be as effective as all other techniques and products. Make a solution of water and vinegar, in proportion respectively 3:1. Fill the detergent bin of the steam cleaner with this mixture. And clean on.

Now that you play green carpet cleaning by the rules, you will beat grime.

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