The Right Path to Carpet Stain Cleaning (part 2)

As we went through the crucial stain cleaner picking, it is time to focus on the actual treating of the dirty spot. There are various ways to do it right, but it is also important to pick a cleaning method that will be effective on the type of the stain. The type of the fibers is also a factor to consider, so again a careful approach will be essential.

First of all, some stains require certain tools, use the edge of a spoon or plastic scraper to clean. It won’t be as efficient as the carpet steam cleaning method, but it will work fine on most of the easy stains. Be very gentle while rubbing or you may harm the fibers. If you have a severe spill, the first thing you have to do is to absorb the liquid as much as you can. A sponge or absorbent paper towels will do the trick. You have to act quickly in this kind of situations or the liquid may go deep into the fibers. Cleaning it afterwards will be very hard and may require a professional service.

There are also type of stains that will need special way of treatment. For example, the pet pollution may leave horrible stains that will need different approach. You will need a good odor remover, because such stains leave very unpleasant smell. If your cleaner can’t handle the stain at first, don’t give up. Carpet steam cleaning London companies recommend to repeat the process carefully and apply some drying powder to suck the stain out.

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