The Right Path to Carpet Stain Cleaning (Part 1)

All carpets get stained once in a while and no matter how hard you try to avoid this unpleasant situation, it will probably happen any time soon. So instead of lurking around your carpet and watch out for spills and other pollution, just sit back and enjoy. No need to be a neat freak and guard your carpet every time someone is near it. It is a lot easier to learn how to deal with stains efficiently after the accident. You don’t have to live with the stain, just by following some simple tips, you can forget about it.

There are several techniques, but some of them like the carpet steam cleaning, dry cleaning or shampoo treatment may severely damage your rug, if they are not executed correctly. So stick to the basics for now. At the beginning, you should choose the proper cleaner for the job. It is highly dependent on your fabric content. Cotton and wool carpet hold a stain more than any synthetic rug and they will usually prove to be a big problem for your cleaner. Pick a special chemical cleaning solution and make sure that it will not damage the fibers. If you have a synthetic carpet, nylon or acrylic, you should know that the stains are easy to treat. These carpets are durable, but they are not heat-resistant, so do not use any methods involving hot water.

There are some more tips by the carpet steam cleaning London professionals included in the second part of this guide. Certain techniques and interesting facts can be found in the second chapter, so don’t miss it.

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