Why Steam Cleaning Is The Best Method Available

I think many people don’t understand how important is to thoroughly clean their carpets and rugs. Although there are thousands of different types of textile flooring they can be divided into three categories depending on the material they’re made form. We have man-made(synthetic) fibres, natural ones and mixed each with individual characteristics. In fact not your desire but the type of fabric will determine which cleaning method will be used.

The Importance Of The Fabric

In general natural fabrics are sensitive to moisture, therefore steam cleaning is not appropriate because it can cause mould development and damage to the flooring. If you have too thick or long-haired carpet it is recommended to use different approach. If you’re not sure about the moisture tolerance of the flooring better contact professional cleaning company, because the technicians will know how to deal with the situation.

Not only they’ll return your carpet to its former shine, but can give you advice on how to deal with stains and what is the best way to keep the fabric in good shape. Make sure to ask how often it is a good idea to vacuum the carpets and rugs, because once a week isn’t enough especially if you’re a family of four and have a pet. As for the stains there are many specifics which have to be taken into consideration.

Some Things You Don’t Know

You may not know this but your carpet has individual PH and it is important to know if it is acidic or alkali. Using the wrong cleaning solution will most certainly damage the fabric and you’ll be forced to purchase a new carpet which is a big investment. You may wonder why I’m talking about PH, simple because the stains are acidic and alkali too. After cleaning they have to be neutralized and since you can’t hire professional cleaning technicians every time a stain occurs you’ll have to learn how to deal with this on your own.

In order to avoid any potential damage always choose light or mild cleaning solution and for minor stains use less than it says on the label. That way it will be easier to rinse the area and reduce the risk of damage on the fabric. Try to use eco-friendly detergents, that way you’ll have preserve nature and won’t expose your family and yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. Back to the stains here are some tips you can use in order to successfully remove them.

Probably the most important thing you have to remember – don’t rub, don’t apply much pressure, don’t scrub. The key to a successful stain removing of a stain is gentle blotting, patience and quick action. Almost any stain can be removed if you act right away. The second thing you have to remember is to work form the outside towards the centre of the stain because that way you won’t spread it further on the carpet.

As for the neutralization of the PH in home condition it is better to use baking soda and white  vinegar. The first one is alkali so you can use it to neutralize ketchup, juices and all acidic stains, as for the second one well it is the opposite. And if for some reason you can’t completely remove the stain make sure to contact cleaning specialists. This is where the steam cleaning comes to the rescue, although you may not be convinced I recommend you try it.

That is of course if the material allows it, but in case it does you’ll be amazed by the results. Steam cleaning is in fact hot water mixed with special detergent which is injected deep in the fibres of the fibres of the carpet and then sucked via powerful vacuum leaving your textile flooring almost like new. Of course you’ll have to wait an hour or so until it is completely dry but besides this it is really the perfect cleaning method because it can remove old dry stains.

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