Small kitchen can even be smart and efficient: Know how

Earlier on, we used to reside in London but have recently shifted to Bournemouth. The house we reside in Bournemouth is not a very big with considerable sizes of rooms. The best part with the house is that it is located on the heart of the city and is quite bright and airy. However, the worst part is that the size of the kitchen is small with no proper storage system. Initially, I used to come out every time to the dining area for cutting vegetables, serving food, and kneading the dough. This would create high inconvenience and reduced the productivity of work at kitchen. Hence, finally, my husband and I decided to take a plunge in remodeling the kitchen to make it a convenient place to work in.

Having a little or no knowledge at all on kitchen remodeling, John (my husband, in case you wonder) and I decided to embark on doing some research. We scoured through the internet and consulted many professional kitchen re modelers to find out some unique, yet not very expensive ideas. Thankfully, we found out some of the exclusive ideas which I would like to share with you in this article.

According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, recession work held tight during recession, dropping from $326 billion in 2007 to $286 billion in 2009. However, it rebounded back to about $300 billion in 2010.

Include storage unit

As you said earlier, the kitchen had no proper storage unit where I store my groceries and other necessary belongings. Hence, our kitchen re-modeler, advised us to include as much storage unit as possible in the kitchen. Since the floor space available was limited, he suggested us to build cabinets on the walls and under the sink. These were really helpful for me to store jars, utensils, and groceries. He also suggested us to mount open shelves on the walls for stacking plates and display a few collectibles. However, one of the most vital suggestions provided by the kitchen re-modeler was that ‘storage units should be chosen in accordance with the size and style of the kitchen.

Incorporate counter top

Jack (the kitchen re-modeler) also suggested us to include counter-top to the kitchen for serving food, cutting vegetable and kneading the dough. This was really a great idea as we could use it for storing utensils and electrical appliances. As I am not too keen about housework, I chose a counter-top material (laminate tile) that is easy to maintain. All I need to do to keep it clean is to simply wipe it off on a regular basis.

Of course, increasing the storage unit is not the only way to remodel a kitchen. It includes bringing out the visual charming to the kitchen and making it look appealing.

Paint the walls

My kitchen re-modeler suggested me to paint the walls to bring out the flavor of charm and style to the kitchen. While I wanted to make the kitchen look quaint and classy, I chose a light shade of color – beige. However, if you want to make your kitchen look trendy and stylish, then you must choose some darker shades like purple, blue, green, violet, red and many others, ensuring the overall style of the kitchen.

Protect your walls

I would like to share another great idea as suggested by my kitchen re-modeler.The wall area near the cooking space in particular needs attention and proper care. He suggested wall tiles- which are easy to clean and maintain, and it also adds a style value to your kitchen along with stainless steel walls panels. This would not only enhance the overall appeal of your kitchen but would also enable you to maintain the kitchen walls at ease and ensure long lasting of walls.


Kitchen flooring is another important aspect to be kept in mind while planning for kitchen. For a small kitchen the challenge lies in the form of space management. Often it happens that we tend to add a lot of new equipment (unplanned), such as installing a deep-fryer or an oven or a working table (to chop/cut vegetables) over a period of time. We need to install them in a proper stand to ensure that there is ample room (space) for cleaning, in order to maintain kitchen hygiene. Flooring materials such as non-glazed tiles, stones are usually used as they can be cleaned easily, and they also add to the look factor. For dishwashing areas, where there is a lot of water splashing involved, safety floor coverings made of rubber are recommended as they are anti-slip material.

Doors & Windows

These days we have several doors styling that can be used, like sliders, one panel door, Two panel doors etc. For a small kitchen like mine’s, I have used a slider as it consumes less space. I have a large window, and an exhaust fan for proper ventilation.  Besides I have also installed fire extinguishers.

Thus these were some of the critical aspects that I focused while planning kitchen remodelling.

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