Remove the Bad Smell Coming From Your Pet

Pets are these members of our families which are grateful for every gesture, we make for them, no matter if it is to throw them a stick and wait them to bring it back to us or just to call them by name and give them a smile. However, having a pet, at home, has its disadvantages, too.

For instance, cleaners London are often called by people who have pets and who cannot handle cleaning after them. However, cleaning after your adorable four legged friend is not the biggest problem you have but the bad odour it leaves in your home. In order to help you to resolve this problem I have prepared some useful information about how to neutralize such odours, by yourself.

The recipe:

      So, for

dog urine odour

      and to remove such stains from your carpets, for instance, you will need:

– ΒΌ cup hydrogen peroxide

– a solution made of 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water, however if the stain is bigger, than usual, increase the proportions. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

– You will also need a pair of rubber gloves and some paper towels, too.

How to proceed:

  • Well, the first thing to do is to soak up as much liquid as you can. For the procedure, use the paper towels.
  • Spray the area using the solution you made. To do the job in the best possible way, you have to apply as much of the solution as it is needed to get the wanted results. Also, you need to know that even some of the professional London cleaners use this method to neutralize the bad pet odour, hence it really works and you can use it, too.

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