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There is a difference between consumer based cleaning and commercial cleaning. The first is made up of services of a maid, carpet, upholstery and window cleaning. The second is mostly about cleaning based on consumer needs like carpet and window cleaning, but on a larger scale.

Cleaning is very important when it comes to business. It is something that leaves a lasting impression on potential and current customers and investors. You can not allow yourself to work in dirty and messy office.

Depending on the type of business field your company is operating, you can look for commercial cleaning services. You need to choose services that fit best to your industry. You can choose niche cleaning services that deal with limited amount of clients or more general services that have just several customers.

Commercial cleaning services could be separated on franchise and independent services. You can choose using franchise services if the contract is well defined. If your regular cleaning team is not doing well, the franchise will make you sure that you have a deputy sent at the same time. Another advantage of franchise is that it takes the trouble to put money each of their staff’s background so you don’t have to worry about any strangers.

Of course it doesn’t mean that since the franchise has many advantages, independent commercial cleaning services are not good. You just need to ensure that the credentials of the services have enough experience in your business field. The benefit of using independent commercial cleaning services is that you can get is some flexibility in conditions of the agreement and it can be even modified to your needs.

Whatever you choose, first check up everything you need as information about the provided cleaning services. Don’t let cleaners to come and start doing their job, before get familiar with the kind of products they use for cleaning. It might seem to be too much for you, but this is better than after the cleaning you find your furniture or carpet damaged.

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