New Carpet, Old Worries

Carpets are great commodities. They are not only practical, but also have decorative purposes. Yet, in time, the carpet starts to wear out and loses its colours and strength of the fibres. The stains are another typical problem for the carpets. As the time passes more and more stains grace your carpet, yet only few of them can get removed.

But all these problems that are so typical for the carpets can be avoided or at least delayed, if you know how to properly treat and clean your new carpet. There are some golden rules that need to followed when it comes to new carpets, in order to preserve for as long as possible. The most sensible thing you can do is to place floor mats in front of door where the new carpet is installed.

Another sensible thing you can do is to stop wearing shoes when you are in the house. Carpet cleaning Wimbledon experts recommend taking off your shoes and replacing them with slippers when you are in the house. Also, don’t step on the carpet with bare feet, wear socks all the time. This way you will prevent contracting germs from the carpet, or leaving sweat stains and spots on it.

Vacuuming the carpet is essential if you want to preserve it for longer. Do the vacuum cleaning at least once a week, but be thorough about it. Once every three to six months you should shampoo you carpet, or as carpet cleaning Wimbledon experts recommend, hiring a professional to deep clean it. As for the stains treat them as quick as possible. The fresher the stain is the bigger the chance is to remove it.

If you follow these simple tips and bits of advice you can guarantee that your new carpet will keep its lively colours and fibres, so you can enjoy your carpet for longer period of time.

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