Moving Out? Remove the Carpet Stains, then.

The signs of neglectful treatment to the property you were inhabiting, are best shown on the carpets. The carpets get easily stained and the sources of the stain can be different. Depending on the stain you should employ variety of cleaning treatments that are useful against certain kinds of stains.

One of the easiest stains to remove from the carpets according to end of tenancy cleaning Battersea experts are the water-soluble stains. This are stains from alcoholic beverages, berries, colas, excrement, ice cream, jelly, mud, milk. You can create your own carpet cleaning solution for these kind of stains with one teaspoon non-bleach detergent mixed with 2 cups water.

Other water-soluble stains such as blood, chocolate, wine, coffee, mustard, vomit, etc. are a little harder to clean however. This is why they are called special water-soluble stains. Mix 1 tablespoon ammonia with 1 cup of water to create cleaning detergent that will deal with these kinds of stains. Keep in mind what kind of fabric the carpet is made from. If it is from wool then replace the ammonia with mild detergent ,so that you don’t damage it. If that doesn’t do the trick then use a solution made from one part chlorine bleach and 5 parts water. End of tenancy cleaning Battersea reminds you, to test the solution first on some inconspicuous area of the carpet to see if it harms the fabric.

To remove other kinds of stains you should use different cleaning techniques depending on the case. For example, fat, oil, and wax stains could easily be remove by placing a paper towel of the hard remains and pushing it down with a hot iron. The fat, oil or wax should stick to the towel and come up off the carpet. Gum could be removed by placing an ice cube over the gum. After it freezes just peel off the hard remains and vacuum the place where the gum was stuck. Check out the rest of the posts in this blog for more information and tips on cleaning carpet stains.

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