‘Little’ Details That Have A Huge Impact On Any Home

There are so many things that can change a room – an entire house. From the color of a room, to the things you have inside, and even the organization. While the outside of your home captures attention and is what either draws people in or makes them want to turn away, the inside of a home is just as important. This is what will be seen most by both you and your guests and is going to be your ‘safe’ space, a place to retreat when the world gets tough and overwhelming.

Finding a Personal Style

Have you ever heard how the font you use can directly affect how the words written are received? This is how the colors and style of your home affect not only yourself but your guests. Walking into a room that is completely dark, has dim lighting and black and white artwork is going to give off a much darker vibe than a room full of yellows and oranges, plenty of windows and bright lighting. Lack of color doesn’t necessarily mean negativity, just to be clear. For example, a (completely or almost) solid white room could bring out textures or certain pieces in the room much better than a room crammed with all sorts of color could. Again, it’s all about your personal preferences and the mood that you are trying to create for yourself as well.

Scents are just as important as the colors you see around you. Not only can the things we smell around us bring up memories from our pasts that can prove to be quite comforting but they can also evoke certain emotions across the board.

Comfort and Entertainment Galore

Trying to add more comfort to your bedroom? Sometimes the right bed and wall decorations just aren’t enough. If you have a bookshelf or dresser in the room, maybe you should consider placing photos there, instead of on your walls. The problem with small wall photos is that they can look a bit cluttered and overwhelming to guests. Having them in specific locations around the room gives off a much more controlled vibe and intimate feel, while also making those areas pop. Another interesting tip: frames that are both similar in size and in texture are ‘technically’ going to look the best. However, depending on your personal taste and style you’re going for, this may not always be the case.

Experiment with Music and Lights

As far as entertainment (in any location within a house), music and lighting are key. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a silent home, especially for those who have children who recently left the nest or individuals who have moved out on their own for the first time. Having a TV on in the background isn’t right for everyone, but music is nice because it can be a calming distraction that isn’t going to get in the way of whatever you are doing. Having the right amount of lighting is going to mean less strain on your eyes and the ability to get the activities done that you wish at any time, without any hesitation.

Knowing and Understanding Space Needs

We can’t talk about any great room without mentioning scale. Everything in a room needs to be to scale in order for you to get the most out of the area. Having a chair that is half the size of a room, for example, may not be the best idea because this is going to mean everything in the room is going to have to be worked around that one center piece. However, if the room is simply meant to be a bedtime story room for the kids, then this could potentially work. As you can see, a lot of these rules aren’t set in stone but they are good guidelines to get yourself headed in the right direction.

Todd Benson is renowned interior designer. He enjoys sharing his views and tips on home improvement on his blogs. He believes simplicity is what makes a house more beautiful. He suggests buying some picture frame mats to make the house look more attractive.

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