Ink On Carpet

This type of stain is from the “difficult” category. Modern inks are dye based. A dye is a substance that has a tendency of soaking into paper making the ink less efficient. In order to circumvent this problem almost all dye based inks are made of solvents that dry rapidly, thus making the stain removal from fiber based surfaces(namely carpet cleaning), literally a pain.

Have no fear – there are ways to clean your precious Persian beauty without damaging it. Of course if you doubt yourself you can call on professional cleaning services to do the job, but if you dare – here is a way you may use.

Men will like this, and hopefully some women – the alcohol method. Yes, it includes alcohol. It can dissolve the dry ink and make it easier to remove and it is safe for the carpet fibers as well. You will have to use a concentrated solution 70 % or higher for best results. The method is quite simple.

First you put some of the drink on a white towel or cloth – just soak it in it, and then apply (bat, never rub) on the carpet. Do so several times until you see the ink fading away. Then vacuum the spot to soak any fluid that is in your carpet. After vacuuming you blot the area with a clean cloth. There is a chance that ink remains – you just have to repeat the procedure. You may have to repeat it even three or more times – this takes a while but it is safe for your carpet. Once done you dry the carpet with dry cloth. You may put it on the wet spot and on top of it – some heavy stuff like a Chinese dictionary or something. You wait and you feel proud of yourself

That’s about it. Again, if you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, contact a company that specialize in carpet cleaning. Also remember not to rub the carpet – this severs the “wound” and it will take longer to clean. Have fun.

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