Infinite range of contemporary floor designs that suit your taste and budget

We all want homes that can look fresh, modern, and chic even after a ‘terrifying’ kids ‘party. Is that even possible? While furniture items and decorative pieces are easier to maintain, we can’t the same thing for our floor. Whether we like it or not, floors get damaged. It’s up to the homeowner to find a material that’s long-lasting and a color or pattern that can hide intense traffic and dent. Families with kids and realistic individuals in general who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on flooring should know that their options are not limited to hardwood and marble. There are numerous other material types that are both chic and durable. The key is to find a pattern that can suit your home’s design aesthetic. To hire professionals that can clean any kinds of materials check: Carpet Cleaning Barnes

Bamboo – a ‘green’ option you can’t ignore

Bamboo is a terrific flooring material. It will provide your home with a lovely finish without asking for too much maintenance. It’s generally used as an alternative to traditional wooden floors because it’s more affordable yet equally appealing. As far as design and style are concerned, there are endless options you can choose from. Bigger cuts are usually recommended for wider areas like living rooms, while smaller cuts are more appropriate for areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Vinyl – a chameleon flooring option you’ll adore

Vinyl is affordable, classic, and pretty amazing from an aesthetic point of view. Most people opt for vinyl tiles rather than spend too much on expensive wood. It’s a popular choice among households because it’s like a chameleon. You can buy vinyl that looks like concrete, wood, and even porcelain if you’re aiming to make your living room more avant-garde. Vinyl comes in a wide range of finishes and colors. Unfortunately, it’s not as durable as wood and it’s less resilient than concrete and porcelain; yet when vinyl is properly maintained it can last for years.

Porcelain – perfect for a luxurious home

Porcelain is a fabulous alternative for your floor. It can be used in all areas of the house because of its resilience and versatility. This material offers a huge variety of colors and designs for homeowners who want their spaces to look exquisite. If it has a dark finish, it will make an area look extremely sophisticated and attractive. Likewise, it is suitable for rooms that undergo extreme traffic and wear off as well, such as kitchens.

Rubber – practical, soft, and easy to maintain

Those who want to an impressive flooring design, but cannot afford porcelain, should go for rubber. It’s extremely accessible and it can look just as nice as other materials. Believe it or not, rubber is resistant too and it will last up to ten years if maintained properly. As far as designs, patterns and colors are concerned, you might want to know that the variety is endless. Rubber floors are incredibly versatile and can be used in any room of the house.

3D flooring – crazy yet incredibly beautiful

3D flooring is complicated, difficult to execute, and rather pricey, yet if you have an eye for interior design and you’re confident the result will exceed your expectations, go for it. Models, patterns, and design ideas are infinite, so if you’re looking for something new for your child’s room, going 3D will surely make him happy.

Linoleum – cheap, practical, and eco-friendly

Linoleum is a material made of linseed oil and other renewable materials such as rosin, wood flour, and cork dust. Used mainly in kitchens and bathrooms, it comes in a plethora of patterns and homeowners love it because it’s affordable. Installing linoleum is extremely simple, and all you have to is check some DIY tips to make sure you get all the steps right.

Flooring options are endless, and every homeowner must find a type that can beautifully match with the overall design of his space. Whether we’re talking about kitchens, bedrooms of bathrooms, it’s really important to think of durable materials. Hardwood, porcelain, and marble, might seem like an excellent idea, but unfortunately not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on floor coverings. More convenient alternatives such as rubber, vinyl, and linoleum, can look equally stylish as long as they’re combined properly. 

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