In Event Of An Emergency Call Professional Help

Few years ago I was working as a personal assistant to an old, wealthy lawyer. He was pretty strict and demanding, but after few months of hard work I gained his trust and approval. And this was the worst thing that could happen – he started to give me assignments that were beyond my professional competence.

I had to help him with literally everything – from documentation, and appointments to taking his clothes from dry cleaners and buying presents to his grandchildren. I had no free time, but the salary was worth it. When I watched “The Devil Wears Prada” I laughed to tears, because situations in the movie were pretty much the same as at my old job. But back then I didn’t think it was funny at all.

The Worst Weekend Plan

Once, my boss was invited to stay with his relatives in the country for the weekend and he asked me to stay at his house – he didn’t trust alarm systems, though his home was kept better than the gates of Heaven. At first I didn’t agree – I didn’t want to spend my weekend in his house, his big and extremely expensive house, because I knew that if anything bad happens I would have to work for him till the end of time to cover the damages. But, again, he promised me such compensation about this overtime job, that I couldn’t say no.

Surprise Is On The House

And so, at Friday night I left the office with the keys of his house at my pocket and few DVDs – I knew there is ultra modern movie system and was thinking to spend quite time and have a good rest. When I opened the front door I was welcomed by small old Cocker Spaniel. I was going to faint! I never knew the old bastard has a dog! I was doing his grocery for months and he never asked me to take dog food, or accessories, or toys, or whatsoever!!! He didn’t tell me how to feed it or take care of it. I called my boss and asked him about the dog. He reminded me with ice-cold voice that he have talked to me about Toby quite often. He explained me what to do and asked me not to bother him again unless it is an emergency, and hung up the phone before my protests that this wasn’t the deal!

Isn’t Toby A Child?

I was devastated. This was total shock for me and I knew my boss truly believes that he gave me instructions about “Toby”. Indeed, he often mentioned Toby and once I even bought a small teddy bear for him, but I decided then that he is one of his countless grandchildren. It appeared that Toby doesn’t eat ordinary dog food because of his age, but a strange mix of chopped meat and milk. I fed him and went to bed, too exhausted to read or watch movie. Next day everything was fine. Me and Toby were getting well together, I took him for a short walk and we even watched movies together.

Sunday Morning Disaster

On Sunday morning I got up, make myself a coffee and warm milk for the dog, when I felt something is wrong – Toby’s behavior was strange. I immediately understood that he must have had some accident. A walked around the house to look for the “crime scene” and my worst fears were confirmed. Somehow this old, shaky Cocker Spaniel broke into his master’s cabinet and in the middle of his gorgeous Persian rug was slowly drying the proof of Toby’s presence in the room.

In Case Of An Emergency…

I first got mad at the dog, and even shouted at him, but then I realised that poor thing is too old to hold his bladder. And then I panicked! I knew that this rug is original one and therefore – very expensive. I couldn’t risk to wash and damage it. My boss said to call him in case of emergency, but I quickly gave up this idea. He was pretty short-tempered and I could lose my job and pay for the carpet! I couldn’t let this happen. I didn’t have much time – my boss was coming home next morning. I started to call different carpet cleaning companies, but nobody picked the phone – of course, it was Sunday. I was starting to lose hop, when suddenly one company picked up the phone. They had 24/7 phone service! I made an arrangement for next morning and they promised me to visit me first next morning. I still was worried but I did everything that I could.

Let’s Never Talk About This

On the next morning they really came very early and cleaned the carpet with some absorbent powder, without any water, so there was no need to wait for rug to dry. They were very quick and very polite and after they were done I still had time to drink a coffee and calm down before my boss returned. I gave him the keys, said bye to Toby and left the house – he gave me a day off for staying the weekend. I think he understood that something happened with his carpet, because it was cleaner than before, but never said a word about it.

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