If You Hate Carpets, Turn To Rugs

Some say that there is no middle ground with carpets. You either love it or you hate it. You either are ready to bear the costs of professional carpet cleaning or not. However, this article is not for the Shag lovers. They have made their choice. It’s all about those people who don’t want to have a wall-to-wall carpet but still wouldn’t mind feeling the soft, wooly touch of a fabric under their bare feet. If you’re a floor minimalist then the answer to all your questions is a rug. It isn’t just a small-sized carpet, though it looks like one. A rug offers you the opportunity to enjoy its warmth in cold winter days, insulate and express yourself through colours and patterns.

How can a rug help you make your home a more inviting and comfy place. Well, we have put up three smart ideas to use rugs inside to create a distinctive feel and look for your house. Besides making your home look better, rug are easy to clean. Ask any professional rug or carpet cleaner. Well, except in special cases when we talk about expensive Persian/Oriental rugs which can cost a small fortune.

Create a Path

Introducing rugs to your home doesn’t mean to say goodbye to your so much cherished hardwood or concrete flooring. You can take a more restrained so to say approach. Just stick with narrow rectangular rugs. Even runners will do the job. Don’t steal the thunder of your hard flooring. Instead, place them further away from the center, along the walls. Another good idea is to use them to connect different spaces, like a bridge connecting two rooms.

Circling Around The Room

Creative designs are everywhere around you. This time you can utilize circular forms. Make a small one in the center of the room using bright colours. Then make a bigger one using this time darker colours. Thus your room will acquire a distinct look which can’t be replicated by others.

Mix It

If organization is not your best quality then you will prefer to randomly place rugs around the house. It’s a kind of self-expression as well. You make a definite statement that order is not something that is on a pedestal in your home. Look for different patterns and colours. Even different textures can add a distinction to the interior design and feel of the place. Let the cold, empty floor be your blank canvas and create your own picture on the floor.

Though we concluded that rugs are not carpets, they share some common properties. Above we mentioned some of a rug’s advantages. Now it’s only fair to share a few drawbacks. For a start, any expert carpet cleaner will tell you that fabrics catch and keep soil and dust a lot easier than other types of floors. Second, rugs are like a magnet for stains. Third, the elements are much harsher to fabrics than to hard surfaces. Last but not least, all the concerns above contribute to a much shorter lifespan for rug compared to hard flooring options.

Author Bio: This thought-provoking article is written by Jeremy Black, who is operations manager for Carpet Cleaning Wembley Ltd.


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