How To Use Carpet To Change The Look Of Your Home

Choosing the right flooring for your living space is a big decision and with carpet, there is a fine line between quickly transforming your home into a large spacious area, or a dark, cluttered mess. Therefore it’s important to choose the right style for the look you are trying to achieve and so we’ve provided tips below to help you get started.

Minimalistic Style

Typically a minimalistic style home is filled with sleek wooden flooring, however if you prefer cosy toes in the winter, opt for a simple style of carpet that’s stripped right down to give the room a large and airy atmosphere.

Greys and silvery styles are excellent for complimenting a home focused on quality and design. Neutral or reflective colours are also a great way to allow light to do its job and transform your floors for an elegant and classic appearance.

Retro Style

For those who love to live in the past, bright colours, bold patterns and edge to edge carpets are great for transforming your home into a vibrant and happy place to live. However if orange swirls with chocolate spots are not what really you had in mind, pastels were also particularly popular around this era and beautifully compliment any chrome and wood that you may have around your home.

As a small tip, try to balance out a room by opting for patterned floor or walls, as opposed to both. Over-decorating a living space with complicated designs can make your home appear small and cluttered, as well as directing attention away from centrepieces.

Don’t forget the sound proofing carpet options too, for when you’re blasting your retro music classics.

Vintage Style

Vintage style homes can vary from a rustic barn appearance to floral and shabby chic, however most can be highly complimented with a panelled wooden floor and a carpeted sheath rug as a centrepiece.

When choosing your carpet showpiece, be sure to go for beautiful olde-worlde patterns with dark rural colours if you’re looking for a rustic theme, or light, fresh colours to suit shabby chic.

Rustic, uneven edges look good too and add to the vintage look of your home.

Whichever look you decide to go for in your home, there’s a flooring solution to fit.

Laura writes for Selby Carpets who are experts in carpet installation and specialist flooring across London. They supply a wide selection from natural carpet tiles, to vinyl flooring to a range of hotels, schools and businesses. 

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