How To: Rent An Apartment

Some time ago I moved abroad to finish my Master degree. Naturally, it meant I had to rent an apartment, preferable close to the facilities. After looking at hundreds classified ads and contacting several letting agencies I became desperate I would never find a place. One day I thought I had spotted the perfect place – great location, nice pictures, fantastic description… I couldn’t wait to visit it with. Unfortunately, I was truly disappointed when I saw the place. Though a part of me wanted to leave, another much stronger wanted me to stay and rent it.

Luckily, I left the apartment in less than five minutes after I realized in what state it actually was. I resisted the temptation to pay the security deposit and sign one year contract just because it’s location was awesome. I’m happy I turned my back on this one because the next week I spotted a much better place which I did actually rent. Though it was further from my university than the previous one, it’s amenities, shape and neighbourhood are just perfect.

Over the years living abroad or away from my home town, I’ve learnt a lot about how to rent the perfect apartment. I’m even confident enough to claim I’ve mastered the art of renting a place that is both in good shape, has excellent location and is a great value for the money I pay for bills and rent. Below you can find 7 important things to consider both inside and outside of the next apartment you look to rent. Hope they will help you!

  1. Location isn’t king – frankly speaking, people get too preoccupied with it. Prime location doesn’t always mean better condition and amenities.
  2. Parking space – when you’re single or even have a partner but you don’t have kids, the availability of parking space isn’t an issue. But do you know what your situation will be in one year time? So, make sure that your building provides free parking space or at least you can park on the street in front.
  3. Signs of pest problems – evidence of roach hotels and other insects is awful. I’m not even going to discuss hygiene implications. Leave as soon as you spot anything of the kind.
  4. Water pressure – though it’s something you can live with lack of sufficient water pressure is really annoying. Imagine coming home after a busy day and having to wait pressure to build so you can take a shower. Just the thought of it makes me go crazy.
  5. Night life – it’s great to live on a vibrant, busy street. But how about having to get to bed while people have fun loudly under your window? Think twice before you pick a place.
  6. Strange smells – smells are obvious signs that underlying problems like mold are lurking inside. What’s more non-smokers and even active smokers would decline to rent a place that has retained lingering smoke smell from previous tenants.
  7. Check for mold, cracks and ventilation – check for issues around. If you spot the slightest presence of mold or cracks leave immediately. If the landlord hasn’t fixed issues by now what gives you assurance he will do it afterwards?

I hope that these ideas will help you pick an apartment that you’ll feel comfortable in.

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