How to Remove Red Wine Stains from the Carpet

Everybody has had a glass of red wine in their lives. Dinner with white or red wine has always been a classic. Especially when red wine goes so good with pork in general. Usually the average household couple has a fancy dinner once a week: nice meal with a beverage.

People prefer wine as a drink for the dinner but people never have just one glass. One leads to another and sometimes it is normal a misguided movement to lead to spilling some on the ground. On the ground it is no problem to remove the spillage but what if there is a carpet. This is the house wife nightmare: to have the perfect dinner and to ruin it by spilling red wine on your favourite carpet. This can instantly turn the evening around.

So here are some useful carpet cleaning NW3 tips that could make your life easier. It is very important if you could treat the stain when it is still wet. One way is to use a clean cloth and to dab the place where the wine has fallen so that the wine can’t stick to the fibres of the carpet. Other way is to use variable of carpet detergents. There are also alternative ways to get the stain out of the carpet. Putting baking soda on the stain with some hydrogen peroxide can completely remove a red wine stain. It may sound a little strange but white wine can be used to neutralise red wine. Another neutralisation materials are Vinegar, Soap and Soda. If you don’t know how you are going to clean it
put a little salt on the stain to keep the wine from setting.

In conclusion red wine can be quite a problem for your carpet but if you have the right solutions it can be solved easily. If you can’t manage to clean the stain keep in mind that there are a lot of professional carpet cleaning NW3 agencies that will remove it for a certain price of course.

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