How to Remove Different Types of Stains From Carpets When Moving Out

No matter you were having the most amazing parties in your tenement or you are just not so clean and neat person, when it’s time to move out, you need to take special care of the carpets. Wine spills, chocolate drops, etc. if you follow the steps described below, you will have clean carpets at the end.

One of the most important rules when cleaning stains from carpets given from the professional end of tenancy cleaning w3 services that you need to have always in your mind is to blot the excess, not to soak or wipe, if you don’t want to stuck it in the carpet forever.

Another advice is to know what kind of stain you have in the carpet and what is it coming from. This is often difficult but make everything which is needed, check the colour and smell the stain. After determining the type of the stain, your work is half done.

Stains coming from grease, you can clean with a small amount of dry-cleaning product in form of fluid. First dab them with the fluid and then blot from the outside using a small amount of dish-washing liquid and warm water and let for several minutes.

Stains coming from juices you can clean with a small amount of laundry detergent and ammonia by blotting first, then blotting on the detergent with a sponge and club soda.

Stains from dairy products can be cleaned by blotting with ammonia and a sponge poured with warm water and after that blotting with a mixture of white vinegar and warm water.

After cleaning the stain, end of tenancy cleaning w3 services advise to place paper towels over the stained area and to let dry for several hours. After the stain is dry, brush and vacuum the carpet.

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