How to Remove Common Stains Forever

We hardly have fun without spilling a thing. Stains follow us whenever we eat and drink, wherever we are. If you have some stain removal issues, too, don’t worry, we are going to break this spell, using some cleaning magic.

Stains happen, you will admit it, even if you are doing your best to keep your new white shirt spotless. You may not consider spillages as a manifest of clumsiness, but there is a reason for all that. Be as preventive as you can.

Prevention is the first thing you should try. It won’t cost you anything to be more cautious when consuming berries, wine and etc.

You need the proper knowledge to face stains. Carpet cleaning London companies have acquired experience through stain investigation and practice. Good news, you don’t have to experiment, you have the best tips ready, all you should do is try them out.

Pretreatment – Look for stains while you are sorting the laundry, while you are vacuum cleaning the carpet. Check the upholstery, too. It may be true that fresh stains are easier to remove, but when they are out of sight, and sometimes hard to reach, you should search thoroughly. When you locate stains, pre-treat them.

Attend to each stain according to the substance that caused it. Oily substances should be treated with liquid laundry detergent. If it is a protein stain (blood, milk, vomit and etc.) wash the fabric in cold water for at least 30 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide works well on old blood stains. Coffee, wine and tea stains contain tannin – cold water pretreatment will loosen them, and machine washing at the highest temperature will remove them. Mind the colour-fastness of the fabric and choose the temperature carefully.

Carpet cleaning will no longer be a tough household chore if you try applying the above-listed tips.

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