How to Remove Chewing Gum from Soft Surfaces?

Chewing gum is definitely one of the favourite candies to children. This can’t be said for their mums and dads, though. Especially when they have to remove a chewing gum from the sofa or carpet.

Chewing gums do not stain, but they are very sticky and unpleasant. I doubt that there is a man on Earth who loves to sit or step on a chewing gum.

On the Internet there are a lot of suggestions for chewing gum removal. Not all of them are as effective as they sound, though. In fact, I think that there is only one effective way to remove this sticky candy.

When you happen to have gum on your carpet, sofa or clothes, do not panic, take a newspaper and put it on the spot, iron it and the sticky consistency will transfer on the paper.

Do not believe to tips including peanut butter and hair dryers. They will make your task harder and will only increase your suffer. If you use the method with the ice cubes you may have some success, but you will lose a lot of time and nerves.

Professional house cleaning companies also recommend the method with the newspaper. It is the best weapon against this stubborn textile enemy.

And if you don’t feel comfortable about putting a hot iron on a newspaper, then simply call a professional cleaner. The employees of every professional house cleaning company know how to remove chewing gum from soft textile surfaces.

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