How to Remove Carpet Stains?

Stains are your carpet’s worst enemies. It all starts with a spill which may lead to permanent damages. If you want to preserve the cleanness of your carpet for longer, the following tips are for you.

Dealing with stains is hard. Even carpet cleaning professionals have trouble getting stains out. Spots, unlike stains, are removable. Spills are also manageable. When it comes to heavy stained fabrics, it is better to leave stain removal in the hands of professionals. But there is still something you can do to improve the cleanness of your carpet.

  1. Immediate action. The sooner you act, the better. Carpets absorb dirt and liquids fast. A smart idea is to keep some blotting paper tissues around. Even a soft cloth can suit the purpose. Blot the affected area and make sure that you do it from the inside out. According to carpet cleaning London providers, if you do not let dirt stick in, you certainly have the chance to remove the stain at once.
  2. No scrubbing. Avoid rubbing the area as this lets dirt go deeper in the fabric. Rubbing is equivalent to leaving the spill to dry out. Treat the area with care.
  3. Know what caused the stain. It is advisable to attend to every stain according to the substance that caused it. Some beverage-stains can be easily removed only by rinsing with water. There is no resort to heavy duty cleaning products like bleach. White distilled vinegar dissolved in water can be the perfect solution.
  4. Have a strategy. Even blood and chocolate stains are soluble in water. All you need is to know the right way to clean them. A table spoon of ammonia mixed with lukewarm water is the ideal protein stains cleaner. Apply bleach only if you know exactly your carpet fibres’ type – only if it is a polypropylene one.
  5. There are some tricks. Oily stains and candle wax spills can be removed through ironing. Place paper towels over the stain, make sure it is covered before putting the warm iron on. Press well. The stain will transmit on the paper.

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