How to Make Your Own Deodoriser

These days the air-refreshers are considered a good method to create a nice working environment and of course, to make your home a nice place to live in. The bad news is that the source of bad smells cannot be removed by the air-refreshers alone.

In addition to the drawbacks, the air-refreshers contain some really harmful chemicals. Using these items can actually damage your private space even more. Some of the chemicals used for air refreshing are intended to soften your senses. Of course, the things are not so bad when you know that there are other ways to refresh the air in your home and office. Cleaners Holland Park recommend you to not fall into the attempting TV commercials. The natural deodorisers like baking soda, essential oils and vinegar will do the trick without robbing you from your senses.

A bowl full of vinegar on the stove of a radiator will make the fumes of the cigarettes disappear. The vinegar will not let any stench after you remove it from there.

The mix of smells in the fridge can be really disgusting. You need the most simple method – place a bowl full of baking soda. Put inside, this bowl will function as a perfect natural deodoriser. Stir the soda in the bowl every 5 days and replace the bowl wit ha fresh one every 3 months.

Follow the advice provided by cleaners Holland Park and you will see how many methods of green cleaning exist. Don’t be a victim of the commercial products.

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