How To Make Surfaces Made Of Different Materials Clean And Glossy

It is not a daunting and time intensive task to maintain the new and sleek look of your home. In fact, the more often you clean, less time and money you will have to spend on major cleaning overhauls. However, when it comes to your surfaces it is really about making smart decisions. You need to choose the right material for the right appliances and use, especially when you are talking about cleaning baths and kitchens.

Tips to Get Glossy Surfaces:

Following are some tips that can help you to clean surfaces made up of different materials.

  • Natural Quartz:

Quartz is perfect for the busiest place in the home that is kitchen because it is the hardest material found on earth. This quality of quartz makes it scratch and stain resistant with no sealing required. Although Cambria, a kind of quartz is most popular material for kitchen countertops and sinks yet it is liable to scratches and chips. Therefore, you need to use soft cotton cloth and warm water with a mild dish soap to wash the surface and stay away from abrasive products and bleach.

  • Porcelain Sinks:

It is very simple to clean sinks and countertops made up of porcelain. You just need to use bleach free and nonabrasive cleaning products especially made for porcelain and ceramic surfaces. However for tough stains, you can also use a bit of powder cleaner on the affected surface and let the powder sit there for a while. After sometimes wipe the surface with scrub brush and stains will dissolve magically in front of your eyes.

  • Travertine:

Soap scum is the biggest problem people encounter while cleaning surfaces made up of travertine. Soap scum can actually ruin the looks of a travertine shower and can damage tiles in addition with accumulation of hard water deposits on the shower. Therefore, you need to install the best sealer at the time of installation to protect your travertine shower. Furthermore, always use zero pH cleaners for tough stains and keep commercial cleaners consisting of petroleum at bay. In fact, petroleum can sit on the grouts causing a dirty appearance alongside damaging the surface.

  • Engineered Stone:

Engineered stone surfaces such as countertops consist of 7% polymers and 93% natural stone and thus are extremely resistant to stains and scratches. However, high temperatures can damage your countertops considerably by damaging the polymers inside them. Therefore, it is always advisable to use hot pot pads before placing hot objects on such countertops. Similarly, use water solution and mild soap to clean smooth and matte surfaces. However, avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleachers as they can damage the surface.


Countertops and sinks made up of natural stones and other materials are strong and tough but not indestructible and therefore, you should take maximum care to protect them from any damage during using and cleaning them. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you in the long run to keep your kitchen and bath super clean and glossy.

Author’s Bio: Anthony Powell is a professional home cleaner and writes on the behalf of cheap canvas prints UK store, a home improvement company. He mostly writes on home cleaning and improvement such as printing photos on canvas for home décor.

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