How to Make a Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution

The cleaning in London professionals will share a short guide with you. They will explain to you how to make a natural carpet cleaning solution. Following the guidelines will help you to deal with the next carpet stain that stays on your way.

The professionals from the cleaning services advise you to save money and efforts by making your own natural carpet cleaning solution. Very often, they work much better than the professional cleansers from the store.

Ammonia is a product that not only cleans the surfaces, but also sanitizes them. However, you should always test the solution on a hidden area to see, if is going to damage the material. If you use a carpet cleaning machine, you can add ammonia in the same proportion as the commercial detergents that you usually work with. When cleaning with ammonia, the cleaning in London experts advise you to keep the windows open. However, using this product when you have pets in home is not very recommended.

Another natural product that can help you with the carpet stains problem, this is the vinegar. Your solution has to be in equal parts vinegar and water. You can also mix the two products and water as well (ammonia, vinegar and water in equal parts). The effect will be amazing and you don’t have to worry about the odours, because they will disappear once your carpet dries.

If you don’t like the idea of using natural products, you can always buy a commercial detergent. If you need more tips and details on how to make a natural carpet cleaning solution, you can contact the cleaning services. Good luck!

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