How to Maintain Delicate Carpet and Rugs

Carpet and rugs are a beautiful and luxurious finishing of every living room. They make the room look cozier and warmer. There are so many different types of floor coverings so they can fit to every room, each type of interior and each person’s taste.
The carpets and rugs made from really delicate material are one of the most beautiful choices, but not everyone can afford such a luxury. They cost much money, but also need a really careful maintenance as damages might be caused very easily. Professional carpet cleaning Islington pros say that delicate carpets and rugs, such as antique ones, need special treatment to avoid any accidents and serious damages. So, how to maintain delicate carpet and rugs?

Vacuum with reduced suction, using the gentlest power on your vacuum cleaner. If you do not have a vacuum cleaning machine with adjustable power, adjust it yourself by placing a screen of plastic on the nozzle or even on the carpet itself. Vacuum slowly in the direction of the pile. Avoid wet cleaning. Do not use old valuable carpets in areas of high traffic or in places such as doorways where they are likely to receive harsher, dirtier treatment.

For serious spillages, blot and gently scrape as much as you can, then wrap the carpet tightly in plastic to avoid drying the stain. This helps prevent it setting. Whisk it off to a professional cleaner Kingston. When storing carpets and rugs, roll rather than fold, and roll pile side out to prevent wearing. If storing delicate or antique rugs, line them with acid-free paper before rolling and place in acid-free boxes.

As you see, delicate carpet care is not so easy, no matter of the money you give for it. And exactly the money is the reason for paying high attention to the proper way of cleaning and maintenance. Do not try to clean spills and stains by yourself as it is likely for you to cause serious damage. Better call a professional carpet cleaner.

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