How To: Hire A Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company

Securing the services of a trusted and reliable carpet or home cleaning business is important. It might seem trivial but I have lost a couple of good quality rugs to less than reputable providers. So, believe me now I can appreciate the seriousness of the task. What’s more a few friends of mine have shared their experience with various businesses over the years and I was stunned by how difficult it is to find the right company.

We all have a busy, complicated life. In modern London one has to navigate between so many obstacles – family, friends, career and in this case home cleaning. Luckily, there are a number of indicators or questions you can ask before hiring someone to come to your home and clean it. For sure there are many reliable cleaning companies in London. You just have to work hard to find them. A friend of mine, with a lot more experience in such matters, gave me an advice. He told me to consider these 5 things before making my choice.

Referrals From People You Know

Personally speaking, I think referrals are one of the best and surest way to find a truly reliable cleaning provider in London. If a friend or relative is satisfied with the quality and price of a cleaning company, they will be glad to share the information with others. Recommendations and referrals are a great source of other vital info like pricing, range of services offered and other aspects you might find relevant for your circumstances.

Range Of Services Offered

In case you can’t obtain referrals from your family or friends, then consider and research the carpet cleaning services of at least 3 providers in your area. Browse through their website or call a support line. Ask relevant questions about the type of cleaning they do – steam or dry cleaning, solutions they apply, additional protection like Scotchgard, whether their cleaners are certified, etc. Analyze the info and based on your conclusions exclude companies you don’t like and keep working with those who meet your standards.


It’s really difficult to fake a reputation in such a big city with so many people and so many informational channels like social media, local directories and review sites. Understand more about the company via their website. If they don’t have such, cross them from your list and move on. Read reviews from past customers and if possible verify the information by calling a few previous clients.


Oftentimes carpet cleaning companies which are not bonded and insured offer really tempting discounts. Don’t fall for this trap. It means you get no guarantee for their service. What’s more if an accident happens and they ruin your carpeting, they can’t pay for it. You will have to pay for it yourself.

Affordable Rates

On the other hand, high pricing doesn’t correlate with high quality. If you can hire equally qualified and able cleaners for less money, don’t hesitate. Most truly professional rug cleaners can quote a price after they inspect your items.

I hope that next time when you look to hire a cleaning company in London you will utilize at least part of what I have just written. Good luck and save cleaning results!

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  1. Just like you have pointed out in your article there are lots of indecent carpet cleaning providers who do more harm than good. I would to see the end of it. As a professional carpet cleaner with NCCA certificate and all, I have met few people cheated this way.

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