How To Get Your Small Apartment A Fabulous Look

I catch myself from time to time dreaming about living in a McMansion. I start to envision my daily routine from swimming in the pool in the morning to reading the evening press or finish my work at my home office. Don’t think of me as a boring type because I have made plans about a few seriously awesome parties, too. However, I realize that it’s just a dream and better focus on my place and do something about its décor and overall condition.

The Need To Update Regularly

There is always things you can do around your apartment when it comes to decorating. Whether you will add a new area rug or change the colour of your living room walls, there is a way round stale and uninviting atmosphere. A friend of mine is quite experienced interior decorator and she taught me quite a few tricks from her business for FREE! I implemented a few of her ideas in my home and used to help a couple of friends to improve their homes, too.

Here are my ideas for you:

  • Use a rug to cover a defect. Many rentals come with old and drab carpeting which can’t be cleaned and is impossible to replace for obvious reasons. Cheap rugs are excellent items to cover permanent stains and blemishes. What’s more they are equally useful to insert freshness in style and colour in the place.
  • Use long curtains to create optical illusions for spaciousness. Long curtains can be utilized to achieve one big goal for any small apartment owner or renter – to create an illusion of spaciousness. Hanging long curtains on the window, as close to the ceiling as possible creates an illusion of tall windows which results in larger than actually is looking room.
  • Paint walls, ceilings, floors even furniture. Painting or refreshing the paint of the interior can bring new life to your home and make it look a lot better. When painting in a room with heavy furniture just move it in the centre and use plastic sheets to protect it.
  • Use furniture and items with double function. Today a hit on the market is to buy furniture and install ad-ons with double use. Thus you can save valuable space inside, resources and just make your life easier.
  • Conceal deficiencies with details and ornaments. Like rugs are used to cover stained carpets, you can use a room divider or a plant to conceal a radiator for example. Pre-existing features won’t be a nuisance anymore!

I hope these tips will help you make your place a notch comfortable and inviting. Another thing is to keep it clean and tidy at all times. Regular cleaning will not only maintain the interior but will also save you money. For example, having your carpet or area rugs cleaned with professional tools and solutions will extend your possessions useful life immensely.

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