How to Deal With Red Wine Stains on Carpets

Red Wine Stains on Carpets

            Red Wine

Red wine stains are the most difficult stains for cleaning. The pigment from the grapes is the source of the dye that penetrates in the fabrics and ends up as a fast spread stain. As a rule most of the stains get successfully cleaned when still fresh, but you can clean also older red wine stain if you have enough time and patience.

Before Cleaning a Stain From Red Wine

To start cleaning a fresh wine stain from your carpet, blot the area using a paper towel to absorb the excess quality of the wine. Avoid rubbing the area to prevent the stain spreading and penetrating deeper into the fabrics.

Pour some white wine into the stained area. The white wine chemicals dilute the colours of the red wine and the cleaning of the red wine stain on the carpet gets an easier process. Leave the white wine on the carpet for a couple of minutes and then blot the area using a dry cloth to absorb the moisture and start with the main cleaning process.

The next step that will help you clean red wine stain from your carpet is spraying the carpet with an appropriate cleaning solution. To choose the right solution for cleaning you can check the fabrics labels for cleaning instructions. If you cannot find any manufacturers’ labels on the carpet you may perform a small check of the cleaner. Find a small hidden spot of the carpet and add a small amount of the cleaner. Wait a few minutes and use a wet cloth to remove the agent. If you do not see any changes in the colours and the fabrics texture, you may proceed and clean the red wine stained area with the cleaning product.

When choosing the cleaning product keep in mind the colours of the carpet – if you need to deal with a white carpet, you may use bleach products to more effectively remove the stains. If the carpet is coloured use a commercial carpet cleaner that is safe for the colours of fabrics.

Rinse the cleaning product using a wet cloth and blot the area using a clean dry towel to absorb the moisture. Cover the area with table salt and leave it over the night. In the morning vacuum the carpet and the salt and the stain should be removed.

If you still see traces from the wine, contact professional carpet cleaning services for further assistance.

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