How to Clean Spilled Wax from the Carpet

One of the worst kind of stains on the carpet are the stains caused by spilled wax. But, fortunately, there is a great way to clean this kind of stains that works almost all the time. All you are going to need is a stack of paper towels or brown paper and an iron. Yes, that is all that you are going to need – no cleaning detergents, no stain removers, just a piece of paper and an iron.

First a little more clarification. If by any chance you spill wax on your carpet or upholstery don’t rush into cleaning. Leave the melted wax to dry and cool down before you do anything. You can try to remove it immediately, but your attempts will be futile and in the end you are only going to spread the stain and make it harder to remove.

Carpet cleaning Wimbledon recommend to clean the wax stain after it has been completely dried out. Touch it with your finger and if you feel that the melted wax is now hard then you can proceed. Take the paper towels or brown paper out (do not use any other kind of paper). Now place the paper towels on top of the wax stain and pressed them down with hot iron. Do not move the iron around just place it on one spot and keep this way. The hot iron will melt the wax once again, but this time it will stick to the paper towels instead of the fabrics of the carpet. And that’s it. You are done. Just wait until the wax on the paper dries and hardens before you dispose of it.

Although wax stains seem hard to clean off, it’s, actually, far from it. With the right strategy that carpet cleaning Wimbledon experts recommend you will deal with this kind of stains without any hassle.

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