How to Clean Polyethylene Carpet

There are many carpets out there, different fibres, colour, thickness so every different carpet require different approach on cleaning. Polyethylene is a very tricky matter when cleaning. Although it doesn’t absorb much moisture the fibre collect a lot of dirt and attracts oily substances. Once a some oil gets on the carpet there is a chance to chemically bond with the fibres. Cleaning it in general is not a difficult just be careful with oily stains, using oil-dissolving cleaners on your carpet is advisable. Also keep in mind that there might be a shedding problem if not treated properly.

The polyethylene carpet holds many advantages though.It resists a lot of stain types, carpet cleaning W13 is not an issue and requires less attention and the biggest advantage is that is relevantly cheap, cheaper than nylon that is. Big advantage is that the fibres have the lowest static of all fibres.

So here are some carpet cleaning W13 tips that you might need:

1. The best way to remove loose dirt is to dry vacuum it. As I mentioned there might be a shedding problem so keep the vacuum cleaner on the carpet and push it from one end to the other and when you reach the end pull back to the starting point.
2. Other way is to wet vacuum clean it by mixing carpet shampoo and water.
3. When there are more resistant stains you can put some of the carpet shampoo directly on the target area and wait 20 minutes before vacuuming. To break tough oil spots and dirt it is advisable to use a furniture brush lead or upholstery attachment.

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