How to Clean Persian Rug Fringe

Persian rugs are probably the most popular type of rugs among home owners from all over the world. These interior elements look amazing and create a unique and stylish domestic environment. So, if you have one of these you probably take some special cares to preserve it clean and good looking.

Well, vacuuming your carpet regularly can be enough to preserve the good form and look of your Persian rugs. However, what about the fringe … do you know how to maintain it?! If not, just read the following carpet cleaning tips:

1. Before cleaning the rug, it would be good to prepare the cleaning area by placing a clean plastic garbage bag with a clean towel over it under the fringe. This way you will be able to keep the dirt and grime away. Then, you have to brush or comb the fringe to remove any dirt and debris from it. Do this gently to not damage the fringe.

2. Prepare a solution of 30 ml ammonia and 240 ml warm water. Damp a clean, white cloth or a sponge with the cleaning mixture and then use it to gently wipe the fringe. Make a rinsing solution of 30 ml white vinegar and 240 ml warm water. Take another white, clean sponge or cloth to rinse the fringe. Once the fringe is dry, the vinegar odour will disappear so do not worry.

3. If there is still remaining dirt on the fringe, carpet cleaning London professionals recommend repeating the previous step to clean it thoroughly.

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