How to Clean Cat Vomit from Carpet?

There are many factors that can make your pets feel ill and vomit. In case such accidents occurs on your carpet surface, you have to react as quickly as possible in order to save the good look of your carpet. If you properly clean your carpet, the vomit will not leave any stubborn stains and nasty odors. In case you don’t take an immediate actions, the acidity of cat vomit will cause discoloring on carpet flooring. It is inevitable that, as a cat owner, you will have to clean up after your cat, so it is important to know the best method for the job. Considering that “Carpet cleaning Croydon” along with “Cleaners Bermondsey” suggest the following steps how to handle with the vomit removal:

To start, use several folded paper towels and carefully pick up the bulk of vomit, without pressing down on it. In case that the vomit is old and dried, simply scope it up and dispose.

Moisten a clean sponge with hot soapy water solution. Then carefully begin to scrub the stained area. After the stain has been thoroughly worked out of the carpet fibers, rinse the sponge with hot water and use it to remove the remaining suds.

Next, soak a clean washcloth in salt water mixture. Dab and scrub the blot area with the cloth.

Work with a spray-on carpet cleaner on tough stains. Look for one with a bristle brush on the top of the cap. Apply it and wash out the stain with the brush. Follow strictly the product instructions.

Lay a dry towel, napkin or paper towel on the area after it has been washed to dry up any excess moisture.

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