How to Clean Black Ink on a Carpet

The black ink can be a nightmare that is coming true for many carpet owners. In such a case, it is essential not to panic, but act quickly. Don’t think that your carpet is doomed and you have to throw it in the garbage. Even if the ink is permanent, you can remove it effectively. Just stay calm and don’t rush to blot and wipe nervously. You just need to follow these quick method that I offer you below.

First of all, you have to pick any good carpet cleaner. You can consult with the carpet steam cleaning London professionals, if you have hard time picking one. If you use the cleaning solution for the first time then you’d better test it. Spray some of it on a small area that is not easily visible. If the carpet’s colours are fine then you are good to proceed with the cleaning. So spray the stain and wait about a minute, then blot with dry towel. Make sure that you blot until most of the black ink is removed. You probably won’t remove it in the first try, so spray the remains of the stain again. Blot afterwards and ensure that all traces of the ink stain are removed. Now you have to get rid of the cleaner’s traces and any remaining ink. Use a sponge dipped in clean water and wash all the debris.

As you read above you can successfully clean any tough stain on your carpet, even without any complex methods, like the carpet steam cleaning. Most of the carpet owners rush to call the professionals, before they try to clean on their own.

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