How To: Animate Your Home

Spring is here. Actually, it has been some time since it came. You can feel and see it’s energizing effect on everything and everyone around you – from trees and bees, to four and two-legged friends and family. Joking aside, do you feel that your home still lacks some of the upbeat mood floating in the air? I caught myself thinking the same about my house. This got me started making plans how to wake up my place and bring it out of hibernation.

I got busy this morning and searched the Web for inspiration. To be honest I found lots of quality ideas and projects worth my attention. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spare much time, so I picked through and chose to share with you a few (actually 5) fast and easy to complete projects. I haven’t put them in any particular order. There are what they are – just ideas for you to consider and use sometime in the future when you want to animate your home.

Clean Your Carpet/Area Rugs/Door mats

They deserve a little TLC. Your thick wool rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting kept your feet nice and warm during this awfully cold and long winter while being threaded by salty boots. Now that weather has already started to warm up, DIY carpet and rug cleaning is a great project to tackle dirt, soil and salt embedded in your carpet fibres. However, if you think it’s too complicated or burdensome task, you can always call in a professional carpet cleaning provider to refresh your home carpets and rugs.

Put Your Garage In Order

Maybe you didn’t have the time or urge to clean and organize your garage, but when the weather gets warmer by the day, your family will be scrambling for the garage for scooters, bikes and other recreational items stored there. Make sure that the items are easy to get hold off and nobody can get hurt while doing so.

Lick Of Paint

It’s an all-time favourite for millions of homeowners and DIYers across the world. As soon as the days get longer and sunnier, you can see literally a crowd out there storming front porches, backyards or opening windows wide with brushes or rollers in their hands.

Get The Deck Ready

Before taking out the summer furniture out, clean the surface of the deck. Fix any loose items and add a fresh coat of sealer. Then you can place tables, chairs and everything you want, being sure that there will be no accidents or damage the surface.

Fix Window Plant Box

It’s one of these activities that states boldly – Spring is here, rejoice! It’s simple, fast and inexpensive to do. Include plants with various size, colour and growth habits.

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