How Often Should I Have my Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

A common question that preoccupies the minds of carpet owners concerns the professional cleaning necessary to prolong the carpets life. Considering the going prices for a mediocre synthetic carpet, I would say this question is one every carpet owner has to be careful with as too infrequent cleaning leads to stains and dirt that discolours the carpet prematurely, while too frequent cleaning affects the fibres and pales their pigmentation. Professional involvement depends on timing and timing alone.

How often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned? This question will probably elicit a long list of appropriate situations to call upon the services of a professional and I will be quite happy to discuss these groups.

Spring and Autumn

Every good housekeeper knows that eventually there comes a time, when vacuuming just doesn’t do the trick and the carpets look darker than they do on pictures in the past. A carpet’s worst enemy has to be built-up dirt and your mission lies within securing your carpet from dirt, dust and particles that tend to burrow down and create a heavy to lift sediment. To better clarify this situation. Within time all the bits and pieces turn into a fossilized crust.

Having professionals lift this dirt twice a year will maintain the carpet’s colours and overall condition. Spring is the perfect time for cleaning carpets as all the possible mud and molten snow stains from winter are still fresh and don’t have the chance to settle down completely. Autumn is the season to prepare for winter and cleaning carpets then gives carpets resilience.

So far, twice a year is must.

Every Time You Host a Big Event

Big events such as important parties to be hosted in your house, wedding receptions, christenings or even wakes demand a spotless, immaculate flooring. Needless to say these events don’t cluster too frequently within a year, so you can rest assured that unless the event is in dead summer or winter, the carpets should be clean enough from the seasonal cleaning. Nevertheless, if you consider them to be dirty, by all means clean them.

Most of these events happen once a year, so on average you should clean it around three times.

Every Time You Stain Your Carpet

You can’t really foretell, if someone will splatter something on the carpet, but when it does and it’s a heart-stopping stain, then the carpet cleaner’s number should be on your speed dial. Speed plays an important role, when dealing with problematic stains suck as ink, greasy foods, wine and milk stains that almost always find a way to haunt you, if you don’t lift them properly. Small stain usually can be handled without professionals, but I advise you to do your research well before attempting to lift the stain yourself.

After reading this if we ask ourselves the question “how often should I have my carpet professionally cleaned” again, we will see the answer in front of us. Chances are a disastrous stain could strike once a year, unless you are really unlucky or have a very clumsy relative. This brings our total to around four professional cleaning sessions. Accidentally, four is the maximum level of times you should clean your carpets, because otherwise the treatments will wear them much faster than the dirt. Plan carefully and if you have a rich social calender, better spread the carpet cleaning before the dates of your events and leave some leeway, in case a stain jumps out of nowhere.

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