Home Staging 101

Who would have thought that home staging will become an indispensable part of every successful home selling project? Before the crisis struck selling a property was insanely easy. Even the most shabby, derelict house found proper buyers who then repaired and sold these properties for a tidy profit. Unfortunately, these days are gone and today we have to cope with reality. Home staging offers homeowners fresh ideas how to spruce up their houses so they have a better chance of selling them.

Recently I’ve read lots of comments that the property market is improving considerably but I don’t think so. The market needs more time to recover to pre-crisis level and even that is not for sure. Credits are suppressed while people are still de-leveraging their budgets. But let’s go back to home staging. It’s a wonderful process of evaluating your home shape and making fixes around so it can attract potential buyers. There are no rules set in stone. Everything goes as long as it attracts people with money to your doorstep.

However, there are a few things that are a must for every successful project.

Add Curb Appeal

If you spend a day cleaning inside but nobody comes all these efforts will be in vain. No underestimating the importance of what you did, but it won’t bring you what you want – potential buyers. In order to attract people and they start coming in, spruce up the front. It’s the first thing people will see and it will leave lasting impression with them.

Kitchen and Bath

I’m sure that every professional home staging specialist will advise you to pay extra attention to these to areas of the house. And there is reason behind it – home buyers are picky about kitchen and baths. They have a kind of fetish when it comes to looking for a home. So, fix any issues in the kitchen and keep the bathroom spotless.


Off with your stuff. But don’t stuff in a remote corner in the house, because you can’t hide it. Instead rent a storage unit or make a garden sale to get rid of it. De-cluttering will offer potential buyers to see themselves living in the place. It’s also good to remove any personal objects like family photos, toys, etc.

Clean Every Remote Corner

Once you have made all the effort to impress potential buyers and give them place to fantasize, it would be a shame to fail because of less than a clean carpet or rug, for example. Hire a professional company or rent a steam cleaner, no matter what you choose to do make sure that your home carpets are as clean and fresh smelling as possible. In the end a clean carpet can seal the deal!

Final Touches

After you have prepared the house, it’s time to make a few final touches. On top of my head you can add a stylish rug on the floor. What’s more put a vase with fresh-cut flowers to make people feel welcomed in your home.

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