Hidden Carpet Dirt

Usually when your carpet gets dirty you can tell right away. Especially, if we are talking stains or spots. There are easily seen but they are other sources of dirt that you cannot easily spot, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. So what kinds of dirt I am actually talking about?

Some nations have the habit of taking their shoes off when they enter their homes, while others people don’t. But when you are entering your home without taking your shoes off you should know that you are bringing dirt like sand and oil from the outside that can damage the surfaces and cause stains.

Skin flakes and pollens are also sources of dirt according to Camden carpet cleaning company. Skin flakes make up the majority of the dust in a household and they are food source for mould and dust mites. Pollen comes from outside and accumulates in the floors and carpets if they are not clean regularly.

Dust mites live in carpets and bedding, where they produce faeces. And also some people may be allergic to them. Mould thrive in the house dust, and carpets and upholstery tend to accumulate a lot of dust.

Although the pet’s hair isn’t actually form of dirt that is hard to spot, it still remains very hard to remove. That is why some cleaning companies like Camden carpet cleaning company uses special vacuum cleaners that have nozzles to pick up animal hairs and special filtration to remove the unpleasant odours.

Don’t think that just because your carpet isn’t looking dirty that it isn’t. Yes, it may actually be clean but the chances for that are pretty slim. So don’t neglect and ignore you carpet cleaning duties based on the assumption “Doesn’t seem dirty, so it’s not.”

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