Healthier Carpet Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps

We all strive to make our homes clean. As carpets are preferred floor decoration, keeping them clean is a must. But, do you know that most cleaning products are toxic and dangerous? How to deal with dirt then? Here are the 3 major steps to healthier carpet cleaning.

Before you start cleaning, you should have the right tools to eliminate dirt and grime in the best way. A vacuum cleaner is a necessity as you can hardly sweep all tiny particles with a regular broom. Sweeping the carpet is as good as brushing your own hair. It deals with old fibres and allows more air in. Sweeping in carpet cleaning is the first step, then comes vacuuming. You can make vacuum cleaning healthier by opening all windows, or equipping your cleaner with a HEPA filter. Reduce dust by wiping all surfaces with damp cloth before vacuuming and after.

Regular carpet cleaning is mainly daily stain removal and prevention. Here you should be wise and choose green cleaning alternatives. You can prepare your own carpet care solutions. Here is the recipe for a good and eco deodorizer.

Baking soda is a perfect alternative to all commercial deodorizers. It can absorb all unpleasant odours and this is without emitting dangerous gases that can cause breathing problems. Just pour a package of baking soda to form a thick layer directly on the smelly area. And vacuum well and you carpet will be as fresh as new.

Stain removal starts with prevention and quick immediate action when a spill occurs. You can rinse the spot with club soda and then blot. Never rub as thus, you help grime to get deep in the fibers.

Healthy carpet cleaning starts with prevention and regular care. Then you can simply say goodbye to expensive cleaning products.

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